12th Annual Knowledge Globalization Conference: New Delhi, India


Location: O.P.Jindal Global University

Date: August 13-14, 2015

O.P. Jindal University hosted the conference and organized in collaboration with Suffolk University Boston, and Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, USA. The theme of the conference was ""Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Developing and Developed Countries. 51 papers were presented in the conference over two days. Mr. Ravi Paul, MD and CEO of Jindal Steel and Power Limited spoke on the transformation of Family Business into Global Entities.

He said that businesses today operate in a rapidly changing environment, one which has evolved to a world without barriers in its current state.

However, their ability to operate in a diverse culture will be the critical element that defines how well they flourish globally. Also spoke in the opening session were Prof. C. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the university, emphasizing the excellence in knowledge creation and emphasized that crisis of credibility and excellence in academia is a problem for higher education in India. Also spoke in the opening session are Dr. Sanjeen P. Sahni and Dean C. Gopinath.

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