10th Annual Knowledge Globalization Conference: Shijiazhuang, China


Location: Shijiazhuang University

Date: May 1 - June 2, 2014

The 10th Knowledge Globalization Conference was held in China on May 1 –June 2, 2014, hosted by Shijiazhuang University, Shijiazhuang, a city close to Beijing. The Conference was highly successful. There were about 400 attendees in the conference. They include about 260 professors and 140 students from six countries. About 100 universities were represented.

The conference theme was: Entrepreneurship: teaching, Learning, and Practice. The conference was for two days and the third day was assigned for a tour. The host assigned English speaking students to each foreign participants. The Chinese hosts highly appreciated the presence of foreign participants and treated us with much warmth.

Professor Iqbal Quadir of MIT, Prof. George Moker and Prof. Miriam Weismann from Suffolk delivered their speeches online from the USA to China. Several professors from the USA and Canada presented at the conference. Professor Rahman was a keynote speaker at the conference speaking on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. President Li Jun of Shijiazhuang University (SUE) appointed Professor Rahman as the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. SUE's Entrepreneurship Center has 700 Chinese universities as collaborating members.

Knowledge Globalization conferences are held twice every year, usually, one in Boston and the other in a foreign country. The past foreign conferences were held in Bangladesh, India, Turkey, and China. Through these conferences, we have established active contacts with more than 2000 academics from 300 universities in 40 Countries.