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The Knowledge Globalization Institute's mission is to make educational and economic opportunities available to all by using internet and print media to share global knowledge, conduct educational initiatives, and enhance learning activities worldwide. We develop global connectivity by sharing knowledge.

2015 Conference O.P. Jindal University, New Delhi India

Dean C. Gopinath presenting awards to the
Conference Participant

Conference Participants and Volunteers 2015 New Delhi Conference


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2015 India Conference Proceedings

Cultural  events added special attraction to the Sonipat,  Delhi  India conference.

7th  Boston Conference, USA 2012 Proceedings Boston

The 7th Knowledge Globalization conference focused on the future of higher education addressing trends in technology, teaching innovations, costs, globalization of education, social and economic issues.

The theme of this year’s conference has a special significance as the future of higher education is at a critical juncture. The conference opened windows for some to think outside the box. The conference encouraged the educators to open their minds  to embrace the ‘disruptive process of transformation’ in education which has already started.

Pune Conference, India 2011

The Sixth Knowledge Globalization Conference was held at the Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME)  in its picturesque location at the valley in Lavale, Pune, India.
Streaming video of all the panels is available on the Flame.edu.in website.

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Journal of Knowledge Globalization- a refereed multidisciplinary journal
Vol. 9(1) has been published
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The 12th  Knowledge Globalization Conference was on August 13-14 in Sonipath, Delhi, India

O.P. Jindal University hosted the conference and organized in collaboration with Suffolk University Boston, and  Knowledge Globalization Institute, Boston, USA. The theme of the conference  was ""Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Developing and  Developed Countries. 51 papers were presented in the conference over  two days. Mr. Ravi Paul, MD and CEO of Jindal Steel and Power Limited spoke on the  transformation of Family Business into Global Entities.

He said that businesses today operate in a rapidly changing environment, one which has evolved to a world without barriers in its current state.

 However, their ability to operate in a diverse culture will be the critical element that defines how well they flourish globally. Also spoke in the opening session were  Prof. C. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the university, emphasizing the excellence in knowledge creation and emphasized that   crisis of credibility and excellence in academia is a problem for higher education in India. Also spoke in the opening session are Dr. Sanjeen P. Sahni and Dean C. Gopinath.

For details of the conference  and  news coverage in India  please click here

10th Knowledge Globalization Conference 2014, Shijiazhuang, , China

The 10th Knowledge Globalization Conference was held in China on May-1 –June 2, 2014, hosted by Shijiazhuang University, Shijiazhuang, a city close to Beijing. The Conference was highly successful. There were about 400 attendees in the conference. They include about 260 professors and 140 students from six countries. About 100 universities were represented.

The conference theme was: Entrepreneurship: teaching, Learning, and Practice.  The conference was for two days and the third day was assigned for a tour. The host assigned English speaking students to each foreign participants. The Chinese hosts highly appreciated the  presence of foreign participants and treated us with much warmth.

 Professor Iqbal Quadir of MIT, Prof. George Moker and Prof. Miriam Weismann from Suffolk delivered their speeches online from the USA to China. Several professors from the USA and Canada presented at the conference. Professor Rahman was a keynote speaker at the conference speaking on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. President Li Jun of Shijiazhuang University (SUE)  appointed Professor Rahman as the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. SUE's Entrepreneurship Center has 700 Chinese universities as collaborating members.

Knowledge Globalization conferences are held twice every year, usually, one in Boston and the other in a foreign country.  The past foreign conferences were held in Bangladesh, India, Turkey, and China. Through these conferences, we have established active contacts with more than 2000 academics from 300 universities in 40 Countries. Please visit our website at http://www.Kglobal.org for information on our conferences. Please join Kglobal to promote knowledge globalization.

2013 Knowledge Globalization Conference, Boston

The 9th Knowledge Globalization Conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on November 1, 2013. The Conference theme was: Strategic Thinking and Global Changes with special emphasis on energy and business analytics. More than 100 participants attended the conference. A total of 38 papers were presented in nine tracks covering innovation issues in the areas of environment, culture, globalization, technology, education, agriculture, leadership and management processes. The presenters included experienced researchers, young scholars and PhD students from 14 countries. The mix of people and representation of countries make our efforts worthwhile.

Partha S. Ghosh, a visionary leader and a creative problem solver, renowned strategist and an innovator of Business and Economic models spoke on Global Conscience and paradigm shifts in his keynote speech.  The conference also offered two plenary sessions presented by academic and business people.

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The Knowledge Globalization Conference 2013, Istanbul

The 8th Knowledge Globalization Conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey  on May 8-9, 2013.  The Conference was hosted by Bogazici University, Istanbul. The conference was attended by scholars, members of the business community, and students from many countries.

The quality of the papers and the level of participation was of high standards. Prof. Mohamamd Ismail Gomaa of Alexandria University,-Egypt and Ekran Erdil, from Middle East Technical University, Turkey delivered the keynote speeches.  The conference also offered four plenary sessions presented by academic and business people.

A total of 56 papers were accepted for presentation in seven tracks covering innovation issues in the areas of environment, culture, globalization, technology, education, agriculture, leadership and management processes. Among these 38 papers were presented at the conference. The presenters included experienced researchers, young scholars and PhD students from 14 countries. The mix of people and representation of countries make our efforts worthwhile.

Istanbul Conference Presenters

The Conference offered a  wide window into the current global scholarship and the continuing dialogue concerning innovations in the areas of social, cultural, economic and business trends and was an opportunity for cross-cultural exchanges and increased global knowledge sharing.  It brought scholars from developed countries and developing countries under one roof. For example, scholars from Iran, USA, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia debated and discussed their papers face to face without any barriers of politics or geography.

Some 2012 Boston Conference Participants


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12th Knowledge Globalization Conference,India, was held on August 13-14,2015

O.P.Jindal University, Delhi (NCR), India,
Suffolk University, Boston, USA
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada

Theme: Managing in Diverse Cultures
Host Universities will arrange transportation from the airports.


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The Eighth Conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey on May 08-10, 2013.

Istanbul 2013  Conference Proceedings

The Seventh Knowledge Globalization Conference was held in Boston on November 9-10, 2012
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for the  Proceedings,
Conference Photos, and PPT Slides from the presentations. 

The Sixth Knowledge Globalization Conference, 2012, was held in Pune, India January, 5-7, 2012

India 2012 Conference Proceedings

 2011 Boston Conference
2011 Proceedings
Conference Photo

2010 Boston conference 

View the 2010 conference proceedings 

Journal of Knowledge Globalization

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